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Mayor Gives One Thumb Up To Croydon Council HQ

The Mayor of London has reviewed the plans by EPR Architects to build a new headquarters for Croydon Council next to Fairfields Hall that has a suitably politically correct name - the Public Service Delivery Hub.

Located off Fells Road, the scheme features a 36,150 square metre building in two L shaped buildings, along with parking for 74 cars. The taller of the buildings directly overlooks Fells Road as well as being bounded by Mint Road and the glamourous Croydon Flyover and steps up in height from five to thirteen storeys. Linked to this via an above ground walkway is the other building of the complex that will rise to five floors.

The lower heights of the building immediately opposite the town hall have been planned to help it relate better in scale to its Grade 2 listed cousin although the lack of detail in the application has made it hard for the authorities to judge whether the bulk of the building would harm the setting of Croydon's clock tower.

Other elements of the design however have been criticised by the Mayor's office. The most prominent of these is the fašade of the building that faces the main road that's covered with highly transparent glass.

There are fears from the planners that this will present a blank face to passing drivers although other parts of the scheme like the varying roof heights of the building and the plant levels they partially accommodate are welcomed for varying the appearance beyond that of a bland block.

The Mayor's office sees the design as something that generally fulfils the planning requirements placed on it but fails to excel and could do with improvement with better public access to the main entrance of the building for disabled people, plus more detail to sketch out the effect it will have on the Town Hall's clock tower.
Croydon Public Service Delivery Hub
Croydon Public Service Delivery Hub