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Zorlu Centre Restarts In Istanbul

After being put on hold, construction work has now begun again on a new high rise project for the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Named the Zorlu Centre it is located at the junction of the Bosphorus Bridge European connection and the Buyukdere axis which connects the city with the Maslak Business District.

The site which is owned by Zorlu Property is one of the few remaining locations in the city that face south giving views of the old city. The project which comes from the drawing boards or Emre Arolat Architects consists of four towers standing at 32 storeys.

The towers stand on a somewhat unusual hill like podium base which features a green shell like layer meant to differentiate between functions within the complex. This green layer starts at boulevard level where a public square features and splits into two arms separated by height encircling the site.

The height differences indicate two routes around the site a public route which rises to a height of 28 metres and offers stunning views of the bosphorus and a private route for residents which rises to 32 metres.

At the centre of the base is an open piazza which is surrounded by the fully glazed retail section of the complex as well as terrace flats which are stepped back and have large gardens, these are reached through a linear atrium.

The towers go for a simple look that just manages to fall the right side of the line from Commieblock. Box-like in form they imitate the stepped terrace look of the flats below the shell. Constructed from concrete and glazing they appear to have a glazed core from which the concrete overhangs emanate. These over hangs are slightly curved and shaped in places stopping the project looking entirely plain but not detracting focus from the base.

Three of the towers will be for residential use while the fourth will house the luxury Bosphorus Hotel. Residents and visitors to the site can look forward to a wealth of activities including restaurants, cinemas, the all important shopping and for the more culturally minded there will also be a 2,500 seat concert hall.
Zorlu Centre, Istanbul
Zorlu Centre, Istanbul