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Eileen House Gets Another Height Cut

With the threat of a possible public inquiry hanging over it like the sword of Damocles, the planned tower of Eileen House in Elephant and Castle has been reduced again in height.

Concerns from English Heritage have seen the developer Oakmayne Properties have the architect, Allies and Morrison, slash another two floors off the height of the building to 128.25 metres from 137.5 metres.

The changes come in response partly to the complaints from English Heritage about the effect that the building could have on the historic areas of Elephant and Castle, and in particular old terraced housing along London Road / Borough Road that's been listed although this is an area that few outside the heritage lobby will see as being particularly historic.

Although this part of London produced world famous names like Charlie Chaplain, where he was born is unknown, and it's hard to think of anywhere in the capital that has been more damaged by post-war development and stripped of its historic character than Elephant and Castle with its roundabout, grotty shopping centre, and huge council estates.

The moves by Oakmayne to reduce the tower in height also correspond with the rumoured desire of London Mayor, Boris Johnson, who had reportedly complained that it could be seen from Hyde Park during the winter when the leaves had lost their seasonal foliage. London however is not the countryside and almost all the buildings surrounding the likes of Hyde Park can be seen through the trees in the winter.

Since it originally surfaced in September 2007, the tower has been reduced from 53 floors above ground to 47 floors to 44 floors and now down to 42 floors.
Eileen House, London
Eileen House, London