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Pei Cobbs Soyak Plaza

Preparation work is underway for a new project to be located in the Turkish city of Istanbul. The project is being built to be the new headquarters for the Soyak Corporation and will be named the Soyak Plaza with its main centre-piece, a 160 metre tower.

The tower is the work of New York based architects Pei Cobb Freed and Partners. When viewed from the front rises from a square shaped base with an off set podium section, and as it rises it tapers inwards into an almost pyramid like shape before tapering backwards to its peak with asymmetric, sheer facades.

The facades will be fully glazed in two toned glazing which runs in horizontal bands around the tower. The eight storey podium section is partially sunk underground with the above surface portion glazed the same as the tower, this will feature open courtyards. In contrast the top of the tower will feature a 28 metre tall enclosed roof garden which will offer a relaxing place to hang out and give great views of the city below.

With recent seismic events in mind the company insisted the tower be capable of being operational after a major event, the design team employed a technique known as Performance Based Design to enable the tower to withstand a major quake, take an amount of damage in limited, defined zones but still allow for continued occupancy after the event with minimal fuss.

This technique is commonly used on regular buildings but applying the principles to a building with the geometric complexities involved in this tower is somewhat unusual.

The tower will house premium office space along with internal courtyards and winter gardens, the below ground portion will house parking spaces.

Work on the tower is expected to be completed by 2012.