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Formroom Plan New Birmingham Student Tower

This new 17 storey student tower has been designed for a site in Birmingham by Formroom Architects overlooking Bagot Street and Lancaster Street north of the city centre.

The scheme for the Bagot Street Partnership, a joint venture between Iliad and Cosmopolitan, features one larger building that is part 17 / part 10 storeys, that's been defined by a locally agreed height limited, with a shorter building next door of 8 and 9 storeys. Within it will feature a total of 119 multiple bedroom student flats for 656 students and a central courtyard ringed by the blocks.

The taller section of the scheme has been designed to be on the western side of the site bounding Lancaster Street, partly to reduce the amount of overshadowing that it will cast, and partly to act as a gateway building. It will have the vast majority of accommodation in it with 77 apartments for 416 students.

The architects are planning to have the building clad in concrete pre-cast panels with variety added through a small number of different colours and shades that will see one building have a granite like shade and the other brown like wood although this has yet to be confirmed.

Plans for Bagot Street just go to show that even in a recession the expansion of higher education is continuing to drive new development in the sector, even when other schemes have dried up and some property companies are struggling.
Bagot Street, Birmingham
Bagot Street, Birmingham