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Nation Towers Wind Along The Gulf

Work is well underway on construction of a new mixed-use project in Abu Dhabi, one of the tallest buildings currently under construction in the area.

Named Nation Towers, the two towered project will be located on a prime waterfront plot on Abu Dhabi’s Corniche and comes from the pens of architects WMZH who won an international design contest with their plans.

Standing at 65 storeys and 52 storeys, the towers form takes inspiration from the waves and sand which will provide some of the stunning views the towers will provide.

From a tapering podium base which features a curving, wave form roofline starting at approximately three storeys and cresting at eight storeys, the two towers extraordinarily thin looking towers extend skywards.

Although essentially rectangular in shape the curving facades of the towers which culminate in crest like peaks crowning the towers give the project a distinctive shape that both the designers and developers, International Capital Trading hope will make the project a premier hotspot not only in Abu Dhabi but the entire gulf.

Constructed from steel and glass, the glazed facades have strong vertical and horizontal lines which accentuate the shaping of the towers which are joined together approximately a third of the way up with a large circular shaped sky bridge?

When complete the complex will offer approximately 278,709 square metres of usable space and will house a 350 roomed, 5 star hotel which will no doubt feature the usual luxuries not found in most peoples homes such as spas, gyms and little old ladies to change the towels.

It will also have serviced apartments along with loft apartments that will have stunning views not only of the waterfront but also of the city below. Office space is also included along with the most important of amenities, shopping space.

The towers will be home to upmarket, boutique like shopping facilities ideal for melting the diamond encrusted, gold trimmed platinum cards in that so many of the Arab noveau riche seem to love.

With all being well the tower should be complete and open for business in 2011, so anyone wanting to shop in the more exclusive shops will still have plenty of time to save.
Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi
Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi