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Chongqing Supertalls Vie For Tallest Title

Preparation work has finally got underway on what will be the Chinese city of Chongqing's tallest skyscraper project - unless it gets trumped by its main rival.

After three years of being embroiled in a race with the ASE Center over which project would claim the tallest title, its a design penned by architectural firm Kohn, Pederson Fox which has managed to snatch the hard fought for crown.

Initially the heights of both projects started in the 300 metres area but with many "my tower is bigger than yours" type revisions to designs the final height for the project will be a rather impressive 468 metres whilst the ASE Center will have to content itself with being second place at a height of 463 metres unless it gets increased again in height during its construction phase.

The project will be the centrepiece for the Tian Di Masterplan. So far approximately 20 supertalls are planned for the new district but this is the only project to so far gain approval and will comprise of three towers standing at heights of 468 metres, 255 metres and 174 metres, it will be located in a prime position on the waterfront of the Jailing river.

Taking inspiration from the rivers boating history the towers are linked with a curving podium base meant to be representative of a boat sail along with a central public plaza which features elevated platform edging giving spectacular views of the river to pedestrians.

The main tower rises from the podium and has a simple curving form similar to a bottle shape, widely curved at the base and tapering inwards as it heads skywards before finishing in an unadorned slightly slanted peak. The smaller towers although not identical sport a similar look minus the tapering, opting for simple elliptical shapes terminating in more pronounced lipstick style peaks.

The towers will have fully glazed blue tinted, curtain walls that again differ slightly in design on each tower but still manages to visually tie the project together. On the central tower the facades slope inwards giving an organic, animated look to the tower, as well as reducing the amount of light concentration on exterior surfaces reducing glare without making the tower appear lifeless.

The project will be multi use with the podium housing the all important retail spaces for those in need of therapy along with cafes, restaurants and other sociable things to do and also features a sky lit atrium running through it.

There will also be office spaces along with apartments all of which will have stunning views of the river and eventually the surrounding towers that will spring from the ground sooner rather than later if recent Chinese construction trends continue.
Jialing Fanying, Chongqing
Jialing Fanying, Chongqing
ASE Center, Chongqing
ASE Center, Chongqing