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Makes Cherry Orchard Road Withdraw

Plans by for a grouping of towers in the London Borough of Croydon have been withdrawn by the developer Menta, at the last possible minute following growing opposition from locals against the scheme sited on Cherry Orchard Road.

Planning officers recommended that the scheme be refused although this is hardly a stunning volte-face from the council as the Mayor's office had already ruled that "on balance the application does not comply with the London Plan" showing that for some time hostility against was crystalising although confusingly the Mayor also managed to publicly back the scheme, at least in principle.

Local campaigners have branded the plans "over development" saying that "the size and scale is ludicrous", although one has to ask about the logic of living in Croydon, the area of London that has the third most tall buildings in a cluster then objecting to new ones by citing Ealing, an area that has almost none.

The main issue that Croydon Council reportedly has is not just the height or scale but that they did not want the application made until their East Croydon Masterplan had been finished with the implication being that everything should fit in with this. Planning officers also felt that the 35% affordable housing was not sufficient and the developer could have crammed in more.

The irony is that the Cherry Orchard Road scheme will sit at the heart of the soon to be released masterplan but with the developer pulling out because of the council's refusal to approve the plans they will now have a void that will need filling.

If the council had approved the project they would have given the go-ahead to what would have been Croydon's tallest buildings with the tallest tower reaching 160 metres, almost twice the height of the present title holder in the borough.

Cherry Orchard Road included 1,042 new apartments, 39,659 square metres of office space, 1,421 square metres of retail space, 2,142 square metres for industrial use and landscaped land between each tower.
Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon
Cherry Orchard Road, Croydon