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Benidorm In Tempo

Someone forgot to tell the Spanish there's a recession on - they have recently started building the country's tallest residential skyscraper in Benidorm again after the project was put on hold for several months.

Perez Guerras Arquitectos have designed the 200 metre tall 47-storey building called Residencial In Tempo.

It's a design which is effectively two skyscrapers sharing a ground level concrete podium that are joined together at the top with an inverted cone spanning the space between the two legs of the building looking like it's an escaped spindle with a needle-thin spire stuck on the top.

The fašade treatment towards the sea front of Benidorm is one of sheer glass although there are two different colour schemes circulating for it. One shows the tower's glass as shades of brown whilst the other features blue. Dominating the sides are almost full height sheer concrete walls that will at least let it fit in with it's less than aesthetically pleasing neighbours.

At ground level the architect has made much of the void that runs up the middle of the tower by using this to create a strong sense of entrance with tree lined avenues beckoning residents to the entrance podium.

Despite the heavy use of concrete the tower manages to fly in the face of its commie-block neighbours that famously adorn Benidorm with little grace. In Tempo may be bucking this trend and importantly marks some concessions by an apartment block towards some of the more futuristic trends in architecture today but it's still a far cry from what's going up in other famous waterfront clusters like Panama City or Miami.
Residencial In Tempo, Benidorm
Residencial In Tempo, Benidorm