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Kuala Lumpurs Latest Eco Block

Remember Star Wars and how the midget-like Jawas moved across the sands of Tattooine in a rather large and blocky vehicle?

Well Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, a satellite town of Kuala Lumpur is about to get something that looks rather similar, at least in silhouette form thanks to the fact the architect has sliced off corners creating a lumbering shape that is just lacking caterpillar tracks.

Developer Tujuan Gemilang Sdn Bhd has hired architect firm ZLG Design Sdn Bhd to design the largely office building called Point 92 on a key arterial traffic route barely a stone throw from the PJ Trade Centre Site.

It will offer 14,470 square metres of office space in 11 levels with a lobby separating the office component from 7 storeys of car parks that will have space for 394 cars and 95 motorbikes.

The main portion of the building stands above this multi-storey car park that has its concrete structure shrouded with a large amount of greenery giving it the impression it stands atop a huge grass podium.

Above is lobby that is clad in recessed transparent glass behind a series of perimeter columns. The office section that will be clad in vertically patterned full height glass with extremely generous amounts floor to ceiling measurements to 3.2 to 3.4 per level, something that should create an airy work environment.

Offering breakout space and sky gardens are a series of voids cutting through the body of the building with strong structural columns that have allowed the architect to design spaces that would not otherwise stand up turning the atrium into a mixture of continuous vertical and horizontal spaces. As well as providing attractive spaces for the occupiers to enjoy this will also help ventilate the centre of the building naturally.
Point 92, Kuala Lumpur
Point 92, Kuala Lumpur