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Summer Comes To Shenyang

Groundbreaking has commenced on a new skyscraper project for the Chinese city of Shenyang, one of the major boomtowns of the Peoples Republic.

Named Summer Palace, a title that alludes to old imperial traditions, the project will redevelop the former site of the Summer Palace Theme Park that in itself was considered something of a landmark with its huge glass dome and stood on the spot for 15 years before being blown up in February to make way for the new scheme.

The scheme will be located on a prime corner plot in what is know as the 'Golden Corridor' which runs through the centre of the city and is the work of Singapore developers the Wearnes Group.

Consisting of two towers the project will stand at heights of approximately 200 metres and 150 metres linked by a sizeable podium base featuring its own teardrop shaped glass dome, perhaps as a homage to the site previous occupant.

The towers are constructed from steel and have fully glazed facades which have a large diagrid pattern etched onto them. The tallest of the towers is rises from street level in a square box like shape but just as the eye starts to get a bit bored the architects decided to add a touch of interest about two thirds of the way up. Here the towers facades begin to slope inwards in an angular fashion all the way to he peak giving the top of the tower a crystalline look and saving it from being just another glass box

The shorter of the towers rises from the ground in a rectangular shape culminating in a flat peak cunningly disguised as a sharp, slanted peak with the facades extending to create a not only a windbreak for the roof top terraced garden that will feature, but also ties the two towers together in look.

This tower is also fully glazed and sports the same fašade detailing as its partner.
The podium base will be constructed from what appears to be concrete with the glass dome framed by a terraced roof garden and walkways.

When completed the towers will become home to grade A office space, luxury serviced and residential apartments which will probably benefit from he usual benefits of tower living such as gym or spa and of course there will be the all important shopping space located in the podium in the form of a huge mall providing plenty of space for shoe shops and other amenities, but mainly shops.
Summer Palace, Shenyang
Summer Palace, Shenyang