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Baku Skyscrapers Burn High

Construction work is well under way for another unique looking skyscraper project in Baku, Azerbaijan, a city in Asia Minor that's rapidly building a name thanks to some pretty distinct projects.

Named the Flame Towers the project is the work of Dia Holdings and consists of three towers standing at heights 208 metres, 220 metres and 235 metres.

The towers will be located on a hill that overlooks Baku Bay, the old city centre and the park and has a total site area of 28,000 square metres. The total amount of floor space the project will convert this into will be 227,000 square metres.

Adding a religious context, they are inspired by Azerbaijan's long history with fire worshipping. The towers which stand forming in a triangular shape and are linked together by an undulating podium base. Curvaceous in form they terminate in pointed, collar like peaks that curve around the roof gardens providing them with a measure of shelter.

The facades are fully glazed and use a mixture of orange and blue tinted glazing, the orange giving them a fiery look in keeping with their name and form. A grid pattern which accentuates the shape of the towers also features on the facades.

The tallest of the towers, 39 storeys, will house luxury apartments which will boast stunning views of the surrounding area and no doubt also offer fun additions such as a gym, spa and other things you cant normally fit in a two storey house, one of the many advantages to tower dwelling. The second tower 37 storeys will house a luxury hotel while the third tower, 34 storeys will have grade A office spaces.

The podium which features an undulating glazed roof with a rather pretty honeycomb pattern will house the most important part of the project, namely the leisure facilities such as restaurants, cafes, cinema and other delights but most importantly the shopping spaces to go and ignore the credit crunch in.

The towers are due for completion in 2011. Whether the Prodigy will open the towers with their hit song, Firestarter, is currently unknown.
Flame Towers, Baku
Flame Towers, Baku