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Prism-Like Skyscraper To Dominate Mexico City

Mexico City despite having thousands of sprawling concrete housing blocks is hardly skyscraper central however one of the tallest towers ever planned there is now beginning ground work and promises to make a substantial pinnacle for the skyline.

Torre Reforma is a 244 metre tall prism-shaped tower designed by LBR&A Arquitectos for a joint venture by Capital Vertical Grupo Inmobiliario and Inmobiliaria Torre Chapultepec.

The fašade treatments vary depending on the side of the building with stainless steel cladding and vertical windows on one side and a 2,145 square metre triangular face angled upwards serving as a pseudo roof with horizontal recessed windows set in it.

Another side has almost transparent floor to ceiling glazing and cross-bracing criss-crossing up the tower and thanks to the clear glass that's been used, three sections of sky gardens are visible.

When viewed from behind the fašade treatment is similar to Torre Mayor, a skyscraper that stands next door, adding a sense of continuity between the two buildings that is not found when viewing from other angles.

The building will be mixed use with a lobby and retail space on the lower floors followed by a gym above it. Above that are 18 floors of apartments, and then a sky lobby and one of the sky gardens. Topping the tower is 28 floors of offices with another sky garden integrated into it.

One of the most unique things about the building though is that it is currently the site of a historic stone Gothic building that is being dismantled. The tower will be built literally over the site of this building and the original will be reconstructed to create a new corner on the street below. Between it and the Torre Reforma will be a public plaza creating an unusual, if overshadowed, outdoor space.

Construction of Torre Reforma is due to be completed in 2011 although so far work is only advancing on breaking up and carting off the current occupier of the site for it's eventual rebirth.
Torre Reforma, Mexico City
Torre Reforma, Mexico City