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One Rockwell Rocks Well

Construction is underway on a twin tower project in Makati, part of the ever-growing Metro Manila.

Named One Rockwell due to being located on the Rockwell Centre, the towers will stand at 202 metres and 165 metres. The design comes from paper napkins doodled on by architects at Arquitectonica who are based in Miami.

The tallest of the towers will be elliptical in shape and uses the usual steel and glazing scheme, balconies feature as the tower rises to its peak. The bulk of the tower is covered in a blue tinted glaze but the roof is covered with clear glazing.

This facade overrun will allow those using the rooftop pool and decking area to have fantastic views of the city below without having to worry about falling over the edge. The top of the tower also features two levels not only making it look nice but this gives space for separate relaxation areas.

The second, smaller tower uses the same construction materials but opts for a more angular look, parts of it having a diamond shape. Again the peak of the tower is stepped this time there are four steps making it appear there is more than one tower.

Once more the peaks are covered in clear glazing and each of the peaks feature a different kind of amenity including pools, sky gardens and what could possible be a tennis court or some such.

The tower will also boast the countries first Z shaped unit that will allow spectacular views from both sides of the building.

At its base a circular driveway links the two towers and an opulent garden will be planted at the entrances to greet visitors and residents. The towers will house top notch condominiums which at present appear to be selling pretty well despite the problems with finace everyone in the world seems to be experiencing.

Residents can look forward to all mod cons as well as many amenities such as pools, spas a sunning level within the tower and lots of other fun and interesting stuff which makes tower dwelling so pleasant an option when house hunting.
One Rockwell, Metro Manila
One Rockwell, Metro Manila