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Another Dubai Megatall From Gill And Smith

Continuing the stream of megatall towers in Dubai is One Park Avenue, a 600 metre tall monster by designers Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill who designed the Burj Dubai for architecture firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

Approximately 600 metres tall and with 125 storeys, the building could well have taken its cues from the zoomorphic inspiration of a slug, the slithery member of the gastropod family.

Literally meaning "belly feet", the sides of the tower flare open in a similar way to that of a slug revealing the gently tapering circular body underneath. Unfortunately for slug lovers everywhere, the building and it's undulating curves are in fact inspired by the waves of the sea which has proven essential to the existence of Dubai throughout the ages.

Of particular interest to the occupiers will be a cathedral-like space at the top of the tower that similarly shaped to a vaulted dome that will host an impressive atrium under it.

The 600,000 square metre mixed-use scheme will be part of Meeras Developments Jumeriah Gardens, a development conceived as a city within a city that also includes 1 Dubai, a forerunner to take the world's tallest building title from the Burj Dubai.

The development timescales are not exactly rapid thanks to the sheer amount of what has to be built - this will be the largest real estate project on planet Earth. If everything goes according to plan then the entire project and surrounding area will be complete by 2020.
One Park Avenue, Dubai
One Park Avenue, Dubai