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Atkins Win 700m Dubai Megatall Competition

The 125 storey 700 metre tall Anara is the latest of a series of megatall buildings to have been officially unveiled at Dubai's Cityscape by developer Tameer.

The multi-use building will feature offices including Tameers own global headquarters, retail, a 250 room luxury boutique hotel, 300 apartments, penthouses and even a major art gallery with a mixture of auctions and exhibitions of some of the world's great art - something Dubai has lacked.

For at least one very rich person there will be an unprecedented level of luxury offered as one of the penthouses will have its own private elevator all the way up the building giving unrivalled privacy and even a large private pool. It's expected to be the most expensive single penthouse in the Middle East.

Anara comes from the pens of British firm, Atkins, who won an international design competition to create the building. It's their latest architectural success in Dubai after buildings such as the 400 metre tall eco-tower, Lighthouse, and the shorter but very sexy Iris Bay.

Growing from a broad rectangular podium that's has a 30 metre swimming pool, the design consists of a curving glass tower with a recessed central portion creating space between what is effectively two glazed flanks with a glass spine running between them verticaly.

Every 27 stories this smooth verticality is interrupted by a huge platform accommodating a skygarden for the occupants to enjoy of such a scale it will be fully landscaped acting more like a park in the sky.

Anara is topped by a massive circular void with a huge glass pod in the middle aimed at being the ultimate in high-rise restaurants. The restaurant is supported by three legs as if they are blades of a wind turbine.

If built the scheme will be situated on Sheik Zayed Road, one of the hotspots of high rise development and be the tallest building yet built along that crucial transport artery.

Anara adds to the near stream of buildings of unprecedented height recently floated in Dubai which if realised will see it have the world's first, second, third and fourth tallest buildings.
Anara Tower, Dubai
Anara Tower, Dubai