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Skyports Futuristic Look

The Turkish city of Istanbul has been making quite a name for itself rivaling London and Moscow on the construction front for skyscrapers in numerical terms whilst the designs of many of the projects are distinctive. This looks like a trend set to continue with yet another tall building rising in the city.

It's called the Skyport Residence and once finished will rise to 120 metres in height. With 34 storeys including the retail podium the tower stands on it promises some of the most luxurious pads in Istanbul but with a slight difference - this time they will be live/work apartments totaling 112. Parking for 700 cars is included in the basement.

The design is essentially a white framed rectangular block with voids cut into it allowing the architect to create a series of platforms, terraces and pods. With differing glass facades out of parts of what remains this is almost a modern version of Cook's Plug-in City.

The footprint of the tower is a perfect 27x27 metre square whilst the structure includes a central core and concrete frame. The challenge has been getting it to stand up right despite the voids. The structural engineer Doctor Irfan Balioglu has come with the solution in the form of two outrigger and belt truss systems that will improve stability of the main core.

With a futuristic name like Skyport you'd expect the building to be truly worthy of Blade Runner. Sadly it doesn't quite live up to the title, for a start there's no rocket pad on the roof for the discerning Russian billionaire who fancies a quick trip to the moon. It's not all bad news though, the lobby is more akin to a luxury hotel complete with valet and concierge to fulfill your every wish.

Developed by Gülyapi Construction the project is already under construction with the structure having reached approximately a third of its height. Completion should be in 2011.
The Skyport Residences, Istanbul
The Skyport Residences, Istanbul