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Worlds Tallest Structure Planned In Namibia

What could be one of the defining landmarks in the evolution of solar technology that will see the world's tallest structure built looks like happening in the south African state of Namibia.

German firm Hanh & Hahn are planning to construct a 1,500 metre tall solar tower in the depths of the Namibian desert for the cost of $150 million dollars that can potentially generate 400 megawatts of power - equivalent to 308 average wind turbines.

The structure will be called Greentower and feature a massive greenhouse 200 metres in diameter with a central concrete chimney to channel the updrafts caused by the air currents created within by the natural heating of the structure from the sun that will run almost twice the height of the Burj Dubai.

The solar chimney will contain wind turbines that will be powered by the moving air currents and generate most of the schemes power.

As an additional source of income for the developer, the greenhouse will be used to grow crops too turning an otherwise arid desert into a resource that can be harnessed and used to feed Africa with, a concept so simple some might wonder why it has taken so long to even be proposed.

Solar power of this nature is gradually becoming more popular. Even London has seen a similar proposal in recent months by Rafael Vinoly to stand next to Battersea Power Station. Despite being 300 metres tall that proposal has secured over 70% public support from Londoners indicating there's a huge amount of enthusiasm for this technology.

If built Hanh & Hahn's scheme will take it to new heights but the Namibian government is claiming they have yet to receive a serious proposal making some fear this could all be a lot of hot air.
Solar towers in the Namibian desert
Solar towers in the Namibian desert