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Make Are Gleaming The Cube

London firm Make are rapidly acquiring a reputation for a mixture of the inventive and outlandish in architecture, which rather than just existing on paper is actually being realised.

They have a Borg-like Cube going up in Birmingham but Khabary Future City in Kuwait could soon become their freshest project to become a recognisable piece of architecture.

Developed by Kharbary Holding Company it takes its name after, the scheme features a hotchpotch series of buildings shaped like ramps, all towering above a central axis which makes them look like they should used as the ultimate Tony Hawks level on a Playstation.

This central axis will be a huge canopied urban park with planted trees, public squares and water features stretching practically the whole length of it creating a 21st century oasis for the Kuwaiti desert.

The highlight of the distinctive cluster of towers will be a luxury five star hotel and its internal atrium that rises an enormous 30 storeys. In addition to this, 2,571 new homes are included in the proposal along with enough office space for 7,000 jobs and the sort of malls that these developments always come with.

The main structure of the largest building clearly expresses the arcing shape externally with the glazing recessed behind the frame. The smaller buildings have a variety of different fašade treatments to them including mesh, diamondesque and pixilated patterning.

The concaves do actually serve a purpose with the ramp shapes not just for show and symmetry - they will have in them semi-outdoor spaces that will be well sheltered from the summer sun.

Underground will be one of the largest car parks in the world built with space for an enormous 15,000 vehicles and a monorail system integrated with it so people can leave their cars behind and then travel around the huge 2 kilometre long complex without getting their legs too achy.

Middle eastern countries have enormous levels of consumption and a growing realisation they cannot continue the way they are going no matter how oil rich they are. To help make Khabary sustainable, solar panels will be fitted to the scheme throughout taking advantage of the frequent sun the area experiences to generate large amounts of power.

Improvements to the plumbing throughout and the latest water recycling technology will see savings of 40% on water consumption translating into saving 300 million gallons of the stuff.

Now, where's that skateboard?
Khabury Future City, Kuwait
Khabury Future City, Kuwait
The central public area
The central public area