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Time For Dubai 55

Work is set to start on what may possibly be one of Dubai's most unusual skyscrapers.

Named Dubai 55 TM (the trademark is clearly important to them), the tower and its concept are the work of U.K based architectural firm Glenn Howells Architects in conjunction with 360 Time World.

The tower is the first of 24 skyscrapers that not only will look jolly nice but also tell the time, the other 23 towers will be built in major cites across the world to create a global time ring.

Placed on the earths longitude line the towers will move in time with the earths spin changing position on the hour every hour meaning the tower will make a full turn over 7 days effectively meaning those lucky enough to be able to afford to live in the towers can wake up to a new horizon every morning and enjoy 360 views usually only afforded by penthouse suites.

The tower is set on a low, square shaped, glazed podium. This will house the lobby, spa, 60 metre swimming pool, sauna and crèche. On its roof there will be a roof top garden with sun deck to go out and soak up the rays on. From this the tower rises in an elegant cylindrical shape.

Wrapping around it is a glazed curtain wall that on one side extends up over the tower tapering off to a spire like effect. A lattice-work pattern is visible on the glass which appears to have a smokey tint to it.

The tower will house luxury apartments ranging in size from 2 bedroom apartments, duplex apartments, signature duplex penthouse and the most expensive of them all the super triplex penthouse suite. All will luxury fixtures and fitting including plasma TV's in the bathroom, mood lighting and sliding walls and doors.

The "super" triplex penthouse will have its own infinity pool, cinema, spa, sauna and gym making it possible to never really leave the place if you didn't want to. As the other apartments don't have the luxury of their own cinemas the tower will also have a music lounge, theatre and roof top observatory.

Construction will all being well start on 08-08-08 and they are planning to finish on 10-10-10 and get ready for residing on 11-11-11. Can anyone spot a pattern here? Needless to say the tower will be the biggest and most expensive time-piece in the world which may upset the Swiss slightly.
Dubai 55
Dubai 55