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Benidorm Casino Tower Wraps Up

Benidorm, sometimes referred to as the Manhattan of Spain due to its unusual skyline made up of towering hotels and apartments not seen elsewhere on the Costa Blanca, could soon have another skyscraper added to its collection if proposals get the go ahead.

Although it will be dwarfed by Puig Campana, the rather spectacular mountain which looms over Benidorm and stands at a leg tiring 1406 metres, the new tower if built will stand at a respectable 260 metres if built.

The design by Spanish architectural firm Adolfo Rodriguez Architects and is of the twisting variety of towers that seem to have sprung up on skylines the world over.

Standing on its own the tower will stand almost sentinel like amidst greenery a little inland from the coast and has a very elegant look to it. The facades form from the podium and wrap around the tower rising upwards almost looking like a high necked cloak giving the tower a regal look, at the peak of the tower the façade extends up on one side to create a spire.

As its crown the tower will have an expansive sky garden for visitors to enjoy the sun on. Although the tower will have glazed facades the emphasis is clearly on the skeleton of the building and the patterns made as beams cross with each other almost like an upsided Calatrava bridge.

The tower will be a brilliant white in keeping with the architects vision of it being almost like a lighthouse and it is hoped it will become something of an icon for Benidorm's skyline.

Of course the real reason behind its beacon like appearance could be to lure hapless gamblers from the beaches like moths to a flame as the tower will house a huge casino and hotel.

Inside it will no doubt have all the tricks of casinos across the world such as bright lighting to give the appearance of daytime, climate control to ensure comfort while throwing the car keys into the pot on the poker table, a distinct absence of clocks and probably the best bit pretty waitresses who always seem to pop up with a drink at just the right time.

With casinos usually comes the odd high roller who will expect nothing but the best which is probably what the hotel will offer with a range of amenities such as pools, spas, gymnasiums and helpful people around to grant every whim making losing money that little bit less painful.

Developers will probably be crossing fingers and praying for aces on approval for what will probably be a very lucrative scheme.
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