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Chicago Boxes With A Difference

Boxes, boxes everywhere, but these ones don't look too bad. The windy city of Chicago, USA seems to have a bit of a penchant for tall boxes to adorn its skyline, some are quite frankly quite dull, but proposals have been put forward by developers Golub and Company for a distinctive project consisting of two towers standing at 212 metres and 180 metres.

Designed by Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz and Associates it will be sited at 630 North Maclurg which is a somewhat historical location, as it is the old CBS studio building, home to the first televised presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.

The elegant and not at all boring towers sit comfortably on a base which has three sections to it, the two outer sections are glazed in transparent glass which sandwiches a third section clad in the same glazing but behind it a peach colour cladding makes it distinctive.

On the roofs of the base will be landscaped gardens to relax in and enjoy the view from. Above the base are several open, colonnaded floors which will probably house parking spaces after this the towers rise upwards to a featureless peak, as they make there way upwards they are punctuated by cut outs in the facades which serve to break up the sheerness of the facades.

With the global economy looking decidedly unstable building a skyscraper may not seem like the best of plans but this project comprises of office and retail space so it would supply the two things there will always be call for, jobs and shopping. As everyone knows when things look bleak, too many go and engage in a little retail therapy but if that doesn’t work the towers are pretty tall.

As they are still in proposal stage and the plans will have to be okayed by the powers that be, there is no construction dates set as of yet.
630 North McClurg, Chicago
630 North McClurg, Chicago