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Foster Designs Kazakh Twin Towers

Proposals have been put forward for a new set of twin skyscrapers for Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan.

Liifting brand recognition of a starchitect to a level hitherto unseen, it is named the Foster Towers. It will probably come as no surprise the project comes from the grey matter of internationally renowned architects Foster and Partners.

The project consists of two 216 metre tall towers which will be flanked by smaller buildings that will house apartments and retail spaces as well as create an enclosed central plaza.

Standing roughly elliptical in shape with points at the ends of their main axises, the Foster Towers will have glass facades with the firm's signature diagrid pattern as successfully used before in 30 St Mary Axe (a.k.a the Gherkin) in London and the Hearst Tower in New York City.

Of course the glass will give workers spectacular views of the surrounding area and allow snooping from the passing public. At the top of the towers will be several levels of roof gardens where workers can go to relax a little feature whilst at the base of the towers a large glass roofed canopy with pedestrian throughways connects the two towers.

The towers will house grade A office spaces and will be situated north of the cities main access route on Al-Farabi Avenue and will be opposite to earlier phases of the cities ambitious Almaty Financial District master plan.
The site will also have 1,600 parking spaces that will be cunningly hidden under the towers on three levels of underground parking.

Foster has had much success in the Asian republic and is also designing Phase Five in Almaty which will primarily offer residential space but will have a bit of office and shopping space thrown in for good measure.

If approved the towers could be completed as soon as 2009.
Foster Towers, Almaty
Foster Towers, Almaty
Foster Towers, Almaty
Foster Towers, Almaty