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Revolutionary Panama Skyscraper

Construction has started on what could be Panama City's most notable skyscraper.

Named the Revolution Tower, the design comes from the pen of Panamanian architect Pinzon Lozano, and when complete will reach a height of 210 metres.

Taking a new look on the oh-so-popular twisting towers that have become fashionable over the past few years, the tower starts off as a pretty unimpressive glass box podium but once it gets past this point it starts to get interesting.

It rises from the podium in what looks like a spiral staircase thanks to each floor rotated from the position on the floor underneath. Despite the revolving motion of the plans the follow-through isn't quite done properly - it is topped by an odd looking spire which looks like its been plonked on top as more of an after thought rather than being fluid with the rest of the design.

The glass facades will feature thermal anti solar glass making life inside bearable in any weather conditions as well as stopping glare and of course allowing spectacular views of both the ocean and city.

Primarily the tower will be home to premium office spaces but it will also feature some residential

Units will be included so for some the walk to work wont be too much of an effort. It will feature a luxury double height lobby to welcome workers and guests to the tower, five high speed lifts so no one has an excuse for being late to the office, 11 parking floors as well as 4 underground parking levels, cafeteria, smart security systems, air conditioning and water recycling technologies.

With groundwork now getting under way, the Revolution Tower is optimistically penned in to be completed in 2009
Revolution Tower, Panama City
Revolution Tower, Panama City