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Bosnian Tower Round The Twist

The Balkan's tallest tower, the Avaz Twist Tower, is coming close to completion in Bosnia.

Located in Marijin Dvor, Sarajevo's business district which has recently undergone complete renovation, the tower designed by architect Faruk Kapidzic will stand at 172 metres spire and all (142 metres plus 30 metres for the spire). It will be the new home for Avaz Media Group, a popular Bosnian newspaper.

Following the war which devastated the country, Bosnia has seen a positive boom in construction which places it as one of the countries with the most construction going on in south east Europe.

As the name suggests the design is another twisting tower much in the same vein as the Calatrava's Turning Torso in Sweden. Clad in blue glass the design is broken up in places with aluminium accents. The tower twists up to close to its peak where it cuts inwards almost giving it the appearance of a light house with aluminium coloured pillars.

It continues to be tiered to its peak almost making it look like a bride and groom should be planted on top instead of the spire. Most of the tower is hexagonal in shape with the exception of the top two tiers which are rounded.

There will be 38 floors as well as a basement which will probably be designated for parking as well as a ground floor. Before the Twist tower the Bosmal City Centre held the record for the tallest tower standing at 118 metres. Avaz's current home will be turned into offices along with a 5 star hotel.

Developer's ADS Group who are based in Sarajevo expect the project to be completed by the summer of 2008.
Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo
Avaz Twist Tower, Sarajevo