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Time Comes For The Solar Pyramid

Remember the Solar Pyramid planned for Derbyshire as part of the Millennium?

Having been stuck in planning hell since 2000 it seems that the project team has finally had enough of being unable to progress with their development despite having finally pencilled in a start date of Spring 2008.

The Solar Pyramid was originally due to start construction in 2004 at Poolsbrook Country Party near Staveley in Derbyshire but the architect Richard Lester-Swain found problems with financing the scheme as initially enthusiastic public bodies refused to provide money making construction increasingly unlikely.

It would consist of three stainless steel obelisks that together would form a pyramid by leaning towards each other without actually meeting. They will form a series of shadows for time keeping, a sort of modern Stonehenge that marks the sunrise and sunset on the summer solstice.

If built the Solar Pyramid would be 58 metres tall making it the largest modern sculpture in the United Kingdom, twice the height of the Angel of the North, and the largest time piece in the entire world.

A planning application meanwhile has gone in for a similarly sized 58 metre tall tower in Poole, Dorset although few details have been made public due to the commercial sensitivity of the application.

Coincidentally the structure in the planning application happens to have the exact same dimensions as the Solar Pyramid making it look more certain that the developers of the scheme have stuck to their threat and decided to decamp from Derbyshire to Dorset where they can finally get it built.
The Solar Pyramid
The Solar Pyramid