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Eurasia Rises In The East

Another new skyscraper for Moscow's burgeoning skyline, Eurasia, is starting to grow above the ground.

Located a little way from the Kremlin, the Eurasia Tower in the Moscow International Business centre will stand at a full height of 299.05 metres to roof but when counting the tip of the fašade overrun it gets pushed further to 303 metres. Inside will be 67, or possibly 75 floors, depending on who you listen to and 200,000 square metres of space.

Designed by Swanke Hayden Connell Architects, the development of the project will be undertaken by Turkish developers, Summa on parcel 12 of International Business Centre "Moscow City".

The idea for the International Business Centre, which will effectively be a city within a city as with London's Canary Wharf providing an exclusive area containing work, rest and play areas. It has been kicking around since the grim old days of early nineties but due to lack of investment suffered constant delays. Now with the energy driven boom in Russia, interest in the concept has been reawakened investments in the area appear to be coming in thick and fast.

The multi use tower is a simple, classic design which contrasts nicely with some of the more extravagant towers planned or under construction in the area such as RMJMs twisting tower and Norman Fosters 600 metre tall pyramid.

At its base is a four storey podium that construction workers are now building the structure for. This will house retail and entertainment space which will include boutiques, restaurants, bars and a glittering casino which may well entice workers from the towers grade A offices to gamble their pay packets away in.

Rising up from the podium the tower is a two tiered design with a glass fašade, which will allow maximum light into the building. The lower floors will be allocated to office space and the upper levels will house luxury apartments and amenities such as a gymnasium, pool and all the other fun stuff we see so often.

Sandwiched between the offices and residences a sky lobby will feature, providing amenities for the office workers and the residents as well as giving pretty views of the surrounding area.

Completion of the tower which will be one of the tallest in Europe when finished is expected to occur sometime in 2009.
Eurasia Moscow
Eurasia Moscow
Eurasia Moscow
Eurasia Moscow