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Gensler Reach For The Stars

American architecture firm Gensler, have designed this new half a kilometre tall astronomically inspired concept tower.

Called the Constellation and penned for an unnamed site in Qatar, the slender scheme is designed primarily as a landmark headquarters for a banking company.

Ground the first several floors that the podium consists of will be given over to entrance areas and retail plus a floating pontoon that could hold exhibitions into Islamic Astronomy. These ground areas will be given a particularly earthy approach with timber and gravel.

The main structure stands above the podium levels and offers 20 floors of office accommodation. As the building narrows and floor-plates become smaller the upper floors will have a private function room, whilst a helipad for VIP access sticks out on one side.

After this point about 150 metres up the building is mostly given over to a narrowing spire with an express elevator tunnelled through it until the 300 metre mark where visitors can emerge onto a viewing platform. Above this the spire continues for a further 200 metres narrowing to a needle point half a kilometre above ground.

The architectural concept is centered around the ideas of Arabian astronomy that pioneered many of the human advances in the field between the 8th and 15th centuries, and which still has its recognised today thanks to the Arabic name some stars in the sky have.

Gensler have combined this with Islamic Geometry to generate a pattern using a star map that identifies key points in the constellation that symbolise the cosmos. These points were then taken and reinterpreted as a single star constellation with lines plotted between them using a 3d computer model with eye corner used to help describe the geometry of the planned building.

These will also help dictate the night-time appearance of the scheme by being lit with powerful LED lights with lesser lights forming links in-between that will create an earthly sculpture of outer space.

Furthermore the shape of the building, effectively a spire, has been conceived by the architects to reach upwards towards the heavens joining earth to sky with the pinnacle 500 metres above ground level serving as a new star for the surrounding city.
The Constellation
The Constellation
Constellation design evolution
Constellation design evolution