Contentious Tower Quartet Proposed In Fulham

Published on 08-12-2016 by

Fulham Gas Holders Site, LondonAs part of the emerging cluster of mid-rise tower blocks on the Fulham/Chelsea riverside border is a new joint venture between Berkeley Homes and the National Grid to redevelop the former gasworks on Imperial Road.

The scheme set to the immediate north of the Chelsea Creek project features a total of 23 blocks containing in all 1,375 new homes. The blocks include four stepped towers of 16, 16, 18, and 27 storeys respectively and has been master-planned to fit in with its recently completed neighbour which was also developed by Berkeley Homes.

At the heart of the project is a central avenue that runs from the middle of Chelsea Creek and eventually connects at its northern end with Michael Row, whilst a major new green space will be built in the centre of the scheme with the three towers overlooking them. In all almost half the site will be publicly accessible parkland.

The present gas works are built over Chelsea Creek, formally known as Counter's Creek, one of London's buried rivers. In excavating the gas works part of the riverside which connects to Chelsea Creek basin will again be re-channelled, exposed and restored.

This is part of a trend send nationwide as the United Kingdom moves away from widespread gas storage and the former sites are redeveloped, most notably so far at Battersea Power Station and Kings Cross. Across London as a whole there is the potential for over 20,000 new homes on such sites.

The scheme has had a rough time though from neighbouring Kensington and Chelsea council which appears to oppose the project, partly on the basis that it is more inland than the other developments of a similar scale including Chelsea Creek, Chelsea Harbour, Lots Road, and Fulham Riverside which all lie within a few hundred yards.

As previous projects have discovered though, opposition from the neighbouring council doesn't make things impossible to build, just slightly harder and perhaps with a revision or two.

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