New Tallest Planned For Australia

Published on 22-11-2016 by

Orion Towers, The Gold CoastWhat could be the new tallest building in Australia, the Orion Towers, has been proposed for a site on the Gold Coast between Markwell and Enderley.

The project is being developed by the Australian property company, the Orion International Group, who plan on building a twin tower development of 103-storeys and 76-storeys with the taller tower rising to 328 metres in height and the shorter one topping out at only 240 metres.

As one would expect from the resort town known as "Surfer's Paradise", the project will be largely condos with 1,127 units built although there are also plans for part of one of the towers to be a five star hotel with 165 rooms. Accessed by its own private lift, the largest penthouse will sprawl to a massive 680 square metres in size, with this and the other penthouses having access to an exclusive private members club under it. Those residents unlucky enough to be able to afford the sums of money a penthouse costs can always make use of the other private members club which will be situated in the shorter tower.

Offering this as a place to get away, there's also a roof garden and leisure area with no less than five pools, including one on the eastern side for morning use and a corresponding one on the western side for evening use. At ground level will be a five storey retail and leisure podium upon which the towers will sit, with a "smart arch" spanning the main entrance - an archway with information displayed on its underside such as the news or weather.

If built the project, which is at an early stage, will be approximately 6 metres taller than the tip of the spire of the Q1 skyscraper, something this supertall tower doesn't have.

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