Breakthrough Project Wins Greenlight In Poole

Published on 15-01-2016 by

West Quay Road, PooleAfter a decade the planning committee at Poole Council has finally approved a specific development scheme for the Poole Regeneration Area that is commercially viable, rather than a small amount of affordable housing.

Poole is situated to the immediate west of Bournemouth, Dorset's largest town, and technically part of the same conurbation. The regeneration area, which sits on the sea front and runs to the town centre is a major scheme with the intention of the local council to have 2,500 new homes built plus 20,000 square metres of office space and regenerate the waterfront area.

This first part key part is developed by Richard Carr and designed by Anders Roberts Cheer for a waterfront site on West Quay Road. The proposal rises to a mere ten floors with 57 apartments plus ground floor retail, but is hugely important in a strategic sense. The architects originally designed the project to be an additional two floors taller giving it a proper tower element, but this was reduced during the planning process, although the latticework of diagonal cladding remains.

Given it would take almost 50 such buildings to reach the targets set by Poole Council for their regeneration area, the potential redevelopment beyond this small step cannot be underestimated.

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