205m Tall Building Proposed For Manchester

Published on 14-01-2016 by Skyscrapernews.com

Owen Street, ManchesterAt the peak of the last boom the architect Ian Simpson working for Westgate Properties came up with a proposal for Owen Street in central Manchester near the Deansgate Hilton which consisted of five blocks from 49 metres up to 150 metres in height which of course, never got built but was a symbol of the irrational exuberance that consumed developers eager to propose towers.

Now once again the same firm, now renamed SimpsonHaugh and Partners has worked up another high-rise proposal for Owen Street this time for the developer Renaker who have taken over the site from West Properties which was at one point called Vivo.

The four towers now run to 37, 44, 50 and 64 storeys in height with the tallest a of 205 metres, a far more ambitious scheme than West Properties ever attempted. This height would make it the tallest building outside of London.

Consisting largely of residential space, they will have approximately 1,400 flats within plus 2.1 acres of landscaped space at ground level standing above a shared basement parking basement with 700 spaces. To provide facilities for residents, but eke out every single square foot of space in the towers, the on-site amenities such as a tennis court, cinema and gym will be located in a three storey building which the towers dwarf.

The project is presently at the consultation stage is of such a scale that it would completely transform the skyline of Manchester if built. A panning application is due in February and Renaker has already announced they intend to begin construction in autumn 2016 if they get the go-ahead meaning the scheme could be completed as soon as 2020, assuming negative economic headwinds don't blow the proposal over before then.

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