Finger Tower Plans Broached For Key NYC Site

Published on 10-01-2016 by

6 Columbus Circle, New York City6 Columbus Circle is the latest in an increasing stream of incredibly slender towers proposed for sites in Manhattan that are often needle-thin.

Proposed for a site south of Central Park, in this case the plot is a mere 13 metres wide, although the tower will reach heights of 213 metres giving it an impressive height to width ratio of 16.8 :1, almost a record breaking figure for New York but just shy of 785 Eighth Avenue. Fortunately for potential occupiers the other dimension of the plot is somewhat larger at 31 metres stretching back from West 58th Street just over the road from the Time Warner Center.

At present the design is merely a concept designed on behalf of Cushman & Wakefield to enable the sale of the site. The value of the air rights on the plot are the key driver for a price tag that could reach $100 million. At present the building, a hotel constructed in 1903 with a mere 12 floors and 88 rooms has a little over 4,000 square metres of internal space but a new building could cram in an additional 2,000 square metres or so.

Cushman & Wakefield's basic scheme features a mixed-use tower stepped back from the street and dominated by residential units from the 6th floor upwards with soaring ceiling heights that could offer impressive loft style apartments which cash in on the proximity of the site to "billionaires row".

Ground and the subsequent five floors are proposed to be what is dubbed "vertical retail", that is shops with floor to ceiling heights of anything up to 6.5 metres making them unique selling spaces - the sort of thing ideal for cramming a few boats into.

Unfortunately New York is unlikely to see the pencil-thin design ever rise, but it gives an intriguing idea of the sort of incredibly slender building we can eventually expect to be built on this plot.

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