Melbournes Kaleidoscopic High-Rise

Published on 20-07-2012 by

450 Elizabeth Street, MelbourneProposals have been put forward for a new residential tower for the Australian city of Melbourne. To be located on a corner plot at 450 Elizabeth Street in the heart of the city centre the tower will, if approved, be a quite respectable 192 metres in height.

The rather unique design comes from the pens of local architectural firm Elenberg Fraser, and is currently the tallest building the company have designed.

Rising from the ground, the tower which has no corners, is designed to be a three dimensional kaleidoscope with not only the building twisting as it rises, but the façade also working as a moving object. A series of outrigger beams prevent the building from overturning, with the façade system which consists of a series of rotational units operating the bay windows for the apartments, which off varying views of the city as the façade crinkles.

The tower is given a racy look by using a painted technique on the façade that is usually seen on cars rather than buildings. In what is probably a first, a multi-chromic directional paint system consisting of silver and deep purple will be applied to the facade that reflects light, emphasising the twisting of the tower whilst at the same time accentuating its height and drawing the eye skyward.

Along with the prestige of living in what will probably become one of the most iconic skyscrapers in the city and no doubt famous throughout the world for the "wow factor", residents will can probably look forward to the usual perks of tower living such as on site gyms and recreational facilities. It will also have its own Harry's Bar on the first storey, which readers will be disappointed to know has nothing to do with the famous booze-quaffing royal.

Quite when construction will begin on the tower is unknown. Australia’s planning procedures are notoriously slow and projects have to pass through several processes. The design however has already seen an increase in height from 57 storeys to 60 which can probably be seen as a positive sign.

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