Second Tallest Planned For Manchester

Published on 20-07-2012 by

River Street Tower, ManchesterIan Simpson Architects are working on what could be Manchester's second tallest building if approved with a height a 125 metres.

The scheme is set on a triangular site on River Street off the A57M Mancunian Way in central Manchester that's bounded by Garwood Way to the west. The site is currently occupied by the concrete frame of a stalled residential development that offers excellent views of the city centre for urban explorers.

At ground level there will be landscaping around the development, and perhaps more importantly, a new tunnel for pedestrians that will run under the A57M Mancunian Way

Simpson's replacement design features a fully glazed 42-storey tower to the east of the site and a shorter building to the west of it. A third lower perimeter block is set to the south that will help shield the site from the sounds of the traffic on the motorway. This will be topped with a roof garden, as well as the impressive site of the tower overhanging the eastern part of it.

The tower itself is aligned along a north-south axis with the bulk of the glazing on the west and east sides to avoid excessive solar gain from the south, and poor daylight from the north.

Within the scheme, the bulk of the accommodation will consist of 600 serviced apartments plus associated services including a café and gym. It will be run by Hamilton Hotel Partners, a company that specializes in the service and management of hotels. The project is being developed by Chelmer Developments.

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