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Bespoke fire sprinkler systems

emailThere's now a newsletter which you can subscribe to via email as an old fashioned alternative to our ever popular XML and mobile newsfeeds. Usually sent out on the 15th and the last day of every month, it is totally free and goes to approaching 1,000 subscribers and climbing every day.

The newsletter will contain the headlines, links to the most interesting news stories from that period, and a brief summary of each to save you clicking on what you don't care about to keep you up to date on all the very latest skyscraper news from Britain and around the world.

One problem is that with our database being the size it is, the very best of projects are often lost in the noise. There will also be links to a few select new projects which have been added to our growing database that we think might deserve some more attention from our readership thanks to their oustanding architectural qualities.

As part of our brand new recruitment section, we'll also send out a special monthly newsletter focusing on the latest in the jobs market, and what's being shown on and

Finally, any new important features that get installed on the site we will run down on so you can keep abrest of our development and effectively make the best use of the website without things getting too labyrinthine.

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