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For Clients and the Press –

We have a dedicated team of experts and enthusiasts spread out around the country. We welcome press and business inquiries about absolutely anything ranging from financial quotes on services and intellectual property usage offered on this website to interview requests. You will receive a reply within 24 hours, usually less.

For Individual Professionals

Sites like this one exist partly on news and we take great pride in publishing things long before anyone else knows. We get this information through a variety of different places, one of them is thanks to people contacting the website. A series of architects have been kind enough to grant us interviews on projects and several developers have invited us on site to see actual construction.

We’d like to expand on this so get in touch with us whether you’re a p.r out to publicise a new development or an insider working on a tall project that you think would make a good article. If it’s relevant perhaps we can come to a mutually beneficial piece of back-scratching.

For Everyone Else

One of the important things about this website is the visitors. Believe it or not we do actually care what you have to say, we want to hear your views and your opinions, so if you want to get in touch with us about anything then drop us a line via email, visit our forums or sign our guest book. It can be anything from a question for a school report to just wanting to rant about something.


The email addresses published on this website is published here for comment directly related to this site. This does not include marketing, or unsolicited commercial emails selling goods or services, in otherwords "spam".

The email address on this website may not be republished, sold or retained without the prior permission of the site owner. Furthermore you do not have permission to hold or process both electronically and manually the data which relates to this email address.

The email address on this site has never been published anywhere except on this site and permission has never been granted to any organisations to sell it or use it for marketing purposes.

We refer you to the 1998 Data Protection Act. Any breaches of this will be passed on to the Data Protection Commissioner and European violators will suffer legal action for the time wasted in dealing with their spam in the small claims court. There will be a standard £50 pound charge for each piece of spam received.