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Canary Wharf Group Developer
We have 64 projects listed for this firm.


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# Building Role Height (m) Year Status
120 Fenchurch StreetDeveloper1602014Under Construction
225 Churchill PlaceDeveloper1082014Complete
325 Churchill PlaceDeveloper1242010Cancelled
415 Canada SquareDeveloper632009Complete
520 Churchill PlaceDeveloper652009Complete
630 North ColonnadeDeveloper712009Complete
7Drapers Gardens RedevelopmentDeveloper742009Complete
85 Churchill PlaceDeveloper592008Complete
91 Churchill PlaceDeveloper1562004Complete
1010 Upper Bank StreetDeveloper1512003Complete
1120 Bank StreetDeveloper682003Complete
1220 Canada SquareDeveloper712003Complete
1325 Bank StreetDeveloper1532003Complete
1440 Bank StreetDeveloper1532003Complete
155 Canada SquareDeveloper882003Complete
1650 Bank StreetDeveloper632002Complete
17Citigroup European HeadquartersDeveloper1992002Complete
18HSBC World HeadquartersDeveloper1992002Complete
1915 Westferry CircusDeveloper442001Complete
2017 Columbus CourtyardDeveloper451999Complete
2120 Columbus CourtyardDeveloper451999Complete
2233 Canada SquareDeveloper1051999Complete
23Belgrave CourtDeveloper461999Complete
24Eaton HouseDeveloper491999Complete
25Berkeley TowerDeveloper751998Complete
2611 Westferry CircusDeveloper451997Complete
271 Westferry CircusDeveloper451992Complete
287 Westferry CirusDeveloper441992Complete
291 Cabot SquareDeveloper891991Complete
3010 Cabot SquareDeveloper741991Complete
3120 Cabot SquareDeveloper651991Complete
3225 North ColonnadeDeveloper801991Complete
3330 South ColonnadeDeveloper621991Complete
34One Canada SquareDeveloper2351991Complete
3515 Canada SquareDeveloper71 Cancelled
36Canary Riverside Phase 2Developer75 Cancelled
37Canary Riverside Phase 3Developer75 Cancelled
38Heron Quays WestDeveloper197 Approved
39Heron Quays West Tower 1Developer214 Vision
40Heron Quays West Tower 2Developer155 Vision
41North Quay Tower 1Developer216 Proposed
42North Quay Tower 2Developer120 Proposed
43North Quay Tower 3Developer203 Proposed
44One Bank StreetDeveloper166 Proposed
45Riverside South 1Developer235 On Hold
46Riverside South 2Developer74 On Hold
47Riverside South 3Developer189 On Hold
48Shell Centre Building B1Developer50 Proposed
49Shell Centre Building B2Developer71 Proposed
50Shell Centre Building B3Developer85 Proposed
51Shell Centre Building B4ADeveloper113 Proposed
52Shell Centre Building B4BDeveloper91 Proposed
53Shell Centre Building B5Developer43 Proposed
54Shell Centre Building B6Developer64 Proposed
55Wood Wharf W01Developer121 Proposed
56Wood Wharf W02Developer181 Proposed
57Wood Wharf W04Developer129 Proposed
58Wood Wharf W05Developer108 Proposed
59Wood Wharf W06Developer187 Proposed
60Wood Wharf W07ADeveloper128 Proposed
61Wood Wharf W07BDeveloper200 Proposed
62Wood Wharf W07CDeveloper154 Proposed
63Wood Wharf W08Developer118 Proposed
64Wood Wharf W09Developer63 Proposed