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  • *Old Trafford football stadium, home of one of the world's biggest and most famous football clubs Manchester United, is the biggest club football ground in the UK.
  • *Originally it opened in 1909, after the club moved from their old ground at Bank Lane, Clayton. It only had one covered stand, with standing room only, for many years. In 1939 it achieved it's record capacity, 76,962 in an FA Cup semi final game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Grimsby Town.
  • *It was heavily damaged in World War Two after sustaining several direct hits by the German luftwaffe. As a result United had to play their games at the ground of rivals Manchester City, Maine Road. Old Trafford re-opened after repairs in 1949.
  • *Modern cantilever roofed stands were built in time for the 1966 World Cup, for which Old Trafford was a venue.
  • *The whole ground was gradually redeveloped over the following decades, ending with the most famous stand, the Stretford End, in 1994.
  • *Due to the Hillsborough tragedy, terraces were banned in the early 90s and all English Premiership clubs had to have all seater stadiums. Old Trafford was modernised and now had a 45,000 seating capacity, way down from the near 60,000 that ground could accommodate in the 1980s.
  • *In 1995-1996 a huge, 19 million, 3-tiered North Stand was constructed, containing 4,000 tonnes of steel and 4,500 tonnes of concrete it has the largest cantilevered roof in Europe.
  • It added 10,000 more seats, bringing the capacity to 55,000.
  • *A second phase of stand expansion began in 1999. A second tier on the east stand was completed in January 2000, increasing the capacity to 61,000. The outside of the stand has a glass facade simliar to a modern office building, that contains offices and a large megastore selling Manchester United merchandise.
  • *In August 2000 a second tier of seating was added to the west stand, known as the 'Stretford End', bringing the total capacity of the staduim to 68,000.
  • *In 2005 more expansion began. The corners between the north stand and the east and west were being built up to 2 tiers. The new stands opened during the 2006/07 season, bringing the capacity to 76,000.
  • *The only remaining 1 tier stand is the south, expansion of this to match the north stand would bring the capacity to approximately 95,000. Though this would be a difficult project due to the railway line lying directly behind the stand, and nearby housing which would need demolition.


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Manchester United Football Club

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Sir Matt Busby Way, Manchester. M16 0RA
Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council
Greater Manchester
North West
United Kingdom

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