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About Skyscrapernews.com.

Skyscrapernews.com is an online news, building and image database. Our primary aim is to catalogue, archive and inform the British public about the built environment as well as larger more impressive projects whilst at the same time making the site appealing enough for professionals.

Our news frequently beats the mainstream media and this site has revealed a number of projects before everyone including Riverside South, the Bishopsgate Tower and Broadgate Tower. Most recently we revealed the V Building in Birmingham over a month before it was officially unveiled at the MIPIM in Cannes.

Unlike other sites we do not restrict access to data on the basis of the ability to pay nor do we charge for the use of new features as they come online believing that success can come through a truely open website rather than a closed commercialised solution.

Where to advertise on Skyscrapernews.com.

As with traditional print magazines we offer all sorts of different advertising that can be bought individually or combined together to fit your company's needs more effectively. To achieve this we have split the site into four main high traffic sections where principal advertising is allowed. These prime positions will guarantee the maximum exposure for your campaign to many tens of thousands of people each month.

Advertising on these sections may be purchased either on a monthly or quarterly basis and the costs are directly related in terms of page views each section gets so you know exactly what you will be paying.

We also have a number of central pages that get lower visitor figures than the above and have sponsorship places available on an annual or quarterly basis and are ideal for those with lower budgets.

  • Cities page - 4500 page views per month
  • Four image search pages - 9000 page views per month
  • Skyscrapernews top 30 - 4500 page views per month

With all pages we discount for bulk so that buying quarterly or annual space will be cheaper than buying monthly.

Why advertise on Skyscrapernews.com?

Since we were established in 2000 we have had ever increasing success having now reached the point where we actually get more pageviews than the websites of Architects Journal, Building Online and World Architecture News combined.

As well as our large readership and leading position with an internet-based audience there are numerous advantages to advertising online as opposed to picking traditional print media.

  • Greater circulation numbers each month and rapidly growing usage.
  • Our top Google search results and high page.
  • Ease of use - one click and the customer is at your web site or catalogue request form.
  • Lower advert production costs and advertising space costs than traditional media.
  • Detailed feedback on the value of each advert, with month by month statistics of who clicked what.
  • Instant access. No deadlines or waiting for next month's issue. Capitalise on a news event with a specific advert within hours or days of it happening!
  • Control over advert position so as to maximise impact to a very specific target audience.
  • Environmentally friendly delivery to your audience with no trees killed.

How to advertise on Skyscrapernews.com.

We try to make this as easy as possible for you so if you want to advertise on Skyscrapernews.com then it's simple. Drop us a line and ask for a quote telling us your requirements and we will be in touch with you shortly.

It's important to remember that all our prices are open to negotation and our flexible approach means advertising on our popular website won't cost you the world.

If online advertising is new to you then let us know and we'll talk you through the whole thing explaining all the complicated jargon in plain English so you can understand just what you are getting into. We can also provide you with visitor figures and site logs if you wish to verify our traffic levels and design your banner to save you having pay someone else to do so.

Once you've decided to go for it we will work as quickly as possible to get your campaign online - we have actually managed a twelve hour turnaround for clients in the past.

We hope to hear from you soon.